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Filantro Installs Indias’s first 3.2 M Crosslapped Spunlace Production Line

15 Jul 2023

Major nonwoven categories are needle-punched, spunlace & spunbond. Their consumption is growing rapidly in india because of their increasing industrial as well as household applications on day to day basis. Global production of Nonwovens is estimated to reach 9,032 thousand tonne at CAGR of 8 per cent by 2015.

According to a report recently published by Smithers, the global market for spunlace nonwovens was expected to reach $7.8 billion in 2021 as new wipes production lines are added to respond to the surge in demand caused by Covid-19.

Asian countries have a major share of around 40 per cent in total nonwoven production. India’s share of Needlepunched & Spunlace technologies contributes to around 55.3 per cent of total nonwoven production compared to 34.7 per cent in Asia.

All statistical data support thegrowth of the Indian nonwovens industry. Also, there is now a stable governmentat the Centre and there are policy reforms taking place with long term planningin mind. The trust in Indian economy is becoming stronger and firmer ascompared to a few years ago. The nonwovens and technical textiles sector hasalready been taken up as an important thrust area for support and developmentby the ministry of textiles. Several optimistic schemes have been implementedat the Central level to encourage growth of the industry. In years to come, thegrowth in the middle class population is likely to transform the nature of theindustry. Also, the increasing population of working women, improved standardsof living, literacy rates and general awareness about products are driving thisgrowth by accompanying efforts towards infrastructure and overallsocio-economic development.

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