Medical Industry

Filantro’s medical non-woven fabric uses the spunlace process to penetrate the fiber web through high-pressure water needles so that the fibers are tightly entangled with each other and finally spunlace non-woven fabrics are made. Nonwoven have a well-established reputation for conforming to the special needs/demands of medical settings, due to Superior barrier-providing capacity and Excellent user protection with good cross-contamination control. The spunlace technology that we have has made a considerable contribution to the improvement of economic efficiency by a reduction of cost, higher product quality and development of new products. Spulace fabric is a bacteria-proof cloth. It is produced using 100% viscose or viscose/cotton blends. Easy to wash and quick drying capabilities of the cloth result in a bacteria-proof environment. Additionally, we provide hydrophobic and hydrophilic spunlace fabric which has special use in the medical industry.



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