Our Capabilities

Manufacturing Facility

Filantro First has installed india’s first 3.2M width crosslapped spunlace production line. We develop our array of products in multiple thickness bonded with water punching with the use of the latest manufacturing technique and incorporating advanced machines and tools. We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of premium-quality Non Woven Crosslaid spunlace fabric in India. They are manufactured using the best quality of raw materials like viscose, Polyester, cotton, bamboo, tensile and various blends as per the customer and are available to clients in different specifications. ...

They are highly acclaimed for their flawless finishing, steadfast color and durability. Our ultramodern manufacturing unit is on par with some of the best manufacturing facilities in the world. We even offer products with additional properties like hydrophilic and hydrophobic which has special use in medical and synthetic leather Industry.

Addtionally, We also manufacture apertured and embossed spunlace fabric which have additional features like they dry quickly, are Anti-wrinkle and Anti-Static. They have a wide usage in industrial wipes and their texture improves cleaning efficiency of the fabric

State-of-the-Art Lab Facility

We have installed a state of the art lab facility which helps us in not only producing top quality spunlace which passes through stringent quality check processes. We also fulfill our vision of innovating new applications of spunlace everyday. The lab facility is set up in a conditioned environment and the machines installed are the best of their kind. Continuous Research and development takes place in the lab and we not only work on developing new applications for our customers but also ensure increased utility in the existing ones. ...

We also have Trained laboratory personnel who understand how the laboratory facilities operate. Our highly educated personnel are specially trained in the Nonwovens Industry and understands how spunlace fabric is bonded so that best applications can be developed in industries like medical and hygiene which require utmost care.

Crosslapped Spunlace

We manufacture crosslapped Spunlace fabric which has cross directional strength. Due to an equal MD CD ratio, the application base for the fabric expands exponentially. High strength Spunlace fabric can be used for industrial and household wipes, lamination and in the medical industry for making disposable bed sheets. In comparison, parallel spunlace has weak strength and cannot be used for lamination and medical purposes which is why we have developed special fabric. ...

Vacuum packaging tools for Medical Hygiene

We at Filantro beleive in providing the best quality goods with utmost hygiene standards. Oyr spunlace rolls re packaged using State of the art vacuum packaging machine which Removes Air and keeps the fabric dry and free from bacteria growth which is critical. It also preserves the Integrity of the fabric by keeps tools free from contaminants, such as dirt, mold, germs and improper handling. ...

>Addtionally, the fabric is protected form and any and all kinds of Moisture and from accidental spills in fast-paced operational settings.It even helps to idrentify if and when there is any Tampering with the roll in transportation as the staff can see when the integrity of the product seal has been broken and compromised.

Special Lamination Machine

We at Filantro First have installed a special imported lamination machine. This machine equipment for lamination processes is characterized by the use of high precision mechanical tooling and full-servo technology with high automation levels . The lamination done protects and enhances the quality of the spulace fabric which is being laminated. These Laminating sheets add a layer of clear plastic which protect the laminated material from smudges, stains, and liquids. ...

The plastic sheet also adds a very durable layer of protection to the laminated fabric. This Lamination can be done on one side or on both the slides of the fabric. The laminated fabric has an extensive use in industries like synthetic leather and packaging. This specially installed machine also helps in attaching two types of finres together.

Printing and Gluing Machine

We have also added a printing and gluing machine in our facility. The machine is omposed of roll, rubber roller, slurry tank, air cylinder, frame, net guide wheel, motor reducer and scraper. The rollers are coated with the desired ink color and then pressed against the material, transferring the ink to create a design or pattern. ...

The machine has high precision production of rolls and gluing rollers which ensure the gluing quality of Spunlace fabrics.This machine has expanded the application of our crosslapped spunlace fabric in Automobile and home furnishing industries. The machine is used for fine printing and provided high quality design.

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